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James Rodríguez taking a selfie.

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A fan invaded the pitch to hug James | 22.7.2014

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Cristiano Ronaldo or Michael Jackson? | July 22, 2014


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“Walking around this great stadium with all the history it embodies was something very special and I will never forget today. There are no words to describe it. It was a once-off and beautiful experience, something that I have always dreamed about. I have longed for this and the story doesn’t end here. I dream about winning things and being here for the rest of my career because this is a winning club and I am also a winner” | 22.7.2014 (x)

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"What should I do in this situation…." hahahaha

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I’m really focused. My injury is gone, I feel very good, so I want to start the league in good shape. I will try my best all season like I do every year. Try to be the best, try to help my team, try to score goals and try to win titles. This is my goal for every season. — Cristiano Ronaldo

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