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I told Ancelotti that if the Bale thing does not work out, I would be a lot cheaper.” - Raul

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javiermascherano said: Mourinho did a lot of good for RM but the whole Casillas thing has spiralled way out of control. The man is literally the most apathetic person in the world; there’s no reason to hate him. It even makes me angry how bad he’s being treated.

In retrospect, not really. He had…

Absurd? Barcelona is the scum of the earth and play dirty as hell. Name one game we didnt have a red card that they fairly beat us apart from the 5-0 loss. Barcelona dived and cheated their way into winning those trophies and you know this. I hate barcelona and so should every madrid player. Just because you think some minor actions are inappropriate doesn’t mean barcelona are relinquished of their wrong doings. Oh and messi won zero trophies and still got a balon d’or while we won la liga and cristiano shattered the goal record now tell me UEFA-lona is absurd……gtfo

Cristiano Ronaldo named UEFA Best Player in Europe 2014  | 28-08-14

"I’m really happy, I worked very hard but I want to thank my teammates too because they helped me win this trophy too. 2013/2014 was an extraordinary season, both on a personal and team level. We managed to play great Champions League and I managed to be top scorer and set a new top scorer record. I think the trophy was well deserved, of course we still have to train a lot to play like this. This is the first time I’ve won this trophy so I’m really happy."

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"I’m really happy so I must say thanks to my team-mates because without the team, individual awards would not be possible." - Ronaldo about winning UEFA Best Player in Europe

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Thank you Xabi for every thing ! Goodbye !

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Cristiano Ronaldo, UEFA Player of the Year 2014 (Part 3/3) | 28-08-14

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We present you UCL kit for the 2014/15 Champions League season.

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UEFA Best Player in Europe: Cristiano Ronaldo

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“ RealMadrid Is The Best And Biggest Club In The World ”

—    Cristiano Ronaldo After Winning UEFA Man Of The Year  (via cr7-ebi)

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Cristiano Ronaldo - Best Player Of The Europe

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Before the game After the game



Before and after the game

First gif: Conceal don’t feel


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